Why should it be gross when Rihanna grips and rips, but it wasn’t gross when Michael Jackson did it? Full rhetoric at the Guardian:

As a chubby, long-haired child of the 90s, I can well remember watching Bobby Brown, Vanilla Ice, Michael Jackson, even Boyzone honking their trunks like a fog horn. Marky Mark founded an entire career on it. Clasping your hands about your nethers was just one of the things, like rolling up your jeans or wearing bomber jackets, that was acceptable in the 90s.

Which isn’t to stay crotch-caressing stopped dead in 1999. Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Usher, Ne-Yo, even Justin Bieber, have all been known to “do a Michael” and throw their hands down under.

So, over a decade later, are we really disgusted that women are as capable of locating their urinal tract as men?

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