Via Thump:

You told me everyone got annoyed with you because people were eating bacon out of your butt.
OK so the butt-tequila lounge was happening and this guy was walking around with a giant bag of bacon so then it became tequila-butt bacon-butt. Then it was like, “Who can I get to eat bacon out of my butt on the dancefloor?” And it’s Burning Man so the answer is lots. But then it’s like, “Well, where do we go from here?” So the next day my friend Christina and I were like, “Let’s hide things in our pussy and party and then remember what we put in there and have a big laugh about it.” Wow, it sounds so fucked up when I write it in words, but our group of friends is fucking nuts.

So each night it became a funny thing. Mini-Gherkins, candy, a flashlight, and then all of a sudden hours later you’re standing in the middle of the desert laughing so hard and Christina gets a look on her face that’s like “OMG” and it’s because she laughed so hard that a Gherkin had fallen out of her lady garden.

Jesus Christ! If you were freaking people out at Burning Man I am not really sure where to direct you.
It just all seemed so normal. And it’s not like we were doing it in the middle of the camp.

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