Via Rolling Stone:

On stage, the band, which claim to be bloodthirsty aliens, brutalize dozens of ornately constructed monsters (and celebrities) all while blasting out energetic thrash metal and spraying blood on the audience. “One of the reasons that we wanted to do the exhibit is to show the incredible talent, skill, ingenuity, and craft that goes into creating GWAR,” show curator Benjamin Thorp tells Rolling Stone. “From the costumes and character engineering, for them to come out and blow up and die — I think people often read it as chaos, but it’s really well scripted, orchestrated and rehearsed.”

Thorp specifically wanted to focus on the intricate preparation Slave Pit goes through when constructing GWAR pieces. “We’re looking at production drawings for the massive 'Skin Column creature,’ from the original sketches, to how much latex, bed sheets, and glue you need to make those things,” he says. “It’s really an expanded view as to how something like GWAR is produced and made.”

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