Brent DiCrescenzo, a former Pitchfork writer now at Time Out Chicago, recalls the time he gave Sonic Youth’s free-jazzy NYC Ghosts & Flowers a 0.0 review. In the review – twelve years old now, ready for sixth grade – DiCrescenzo wrote:

These 40+ year olds continue to operate under the perception that they matter. However, one of the prerequisites for being “experimental” or “underground” is that, down the road, somebody has to be influenced by the work and appropriate elements into the common collective. The minimal noodling on NYC Ghosts & Flowers merely retreads the rancid corpses of beat poetry and avant-garde noise.

So yeah, he went all in on Thurston & Co… which he regrets wholeheartedly, as he explains at Time Out Chicago (and explained for real to Thurston Moore):

“Do you remember that cranky adolescent who gave your record a zero rating?” I asked. “Er, yeah, that was me.” He laughed. Thank goodness, he laughed.

And don’t miss this little nugget from the piece, which states what we we’ve all been thinking for quite some time: Pitchfork's rating system is pretty silly.

... I ripped it a new one, deeming it a 0.0 on our knowingly silly, arbitrary decimal scale.

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