Anthem interview by Nik Mercer:

Random one: I heard a rumor yesterday that Michael McDonald is singing on the record.

N.M.: It’s true.

Where did that one come from!?

N.M.: We had this song, but Alex wrote the hook out of his range. We always knew we wanted someone else to sing it, but [we didn’t know who]. We brought the demo over to James, and said, “Why not Michael McDonald?” James―and he does this a lot―is really unhelpful sometimes because he [supports] crazy ideas. He was, like, Fuck yeah! Just get Michael McDonald! We happen to know this girl whose father was the bass player in Kenny Loggins’ band. So Alex called her and was like, I know this is a long shot, but is there any way you can ask your dad to ask Michael McDonald to do our vocals? She was like, My dad’s having dinner with him tomorrow―give me the song and I’ll see what I can do.

She gave him the song and he did it.

I like the sound of Holy Ghost!, featuring Michael McDonald.

N.M.: We should get him in the video.

We wrote out all the charts for him, but he totally did it in, like, five minutes. You can almost hear him eating a sandwich in the background.

He asked us what we wanted him to do, and we were like, You know, do some falsettos, some ad libs, some harmonizing… and he literally did a seven-part harmony. We didn’t use it, but…

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