New Zealand rock musician Chris Knox is unable to talk after suffering a stoke on Thursday.

He had apparently been able to drink water and answer basic questions while being taken to hospital, Kean told The Dominion Post.


Kiwi music legend Chris Knox is likely to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, doctors say.

Doctors have taken action to relieve pressure on his skull, according to ex-Toy Love bandmate Paul Kean.

Otago Daily Times:

News reports the musician might never walk again were premature and hurtful to his friends and family, who had gathered to support Mr Knox since he was admitted to Auckland Hospital on Thursday, family friend Roy Colbert, of Dunedin, said.

Doctors were still waiting for the swelling to go down before they were able to offer a prognosis, he said.

Mr Colbert had been in contact with former Dunedin-based musician Shayne Carter, who visited Mr Knox in hospital. “When he was there, someone came in to see Chris and asked him if he wanted any help with religion. Chris just rolled his eyes . . . That’s the Chris Knox we all know.”

New Zealand Herald:

Knox is widely considered to be one of New Zealand’s greatest musicians, and is also a film reviewer, author and cartoonist. He helped found music label Flying Nun, which manages Kiwi acts such as The Chills and Phoenix Foundation.

He and former musical collaborator Alec Bathgate were to have reformed The Tall Dwarfs to support international act MGMT next month.”

Media statement from Ward-Knox family:

“We have been overwhelmed by the level of support for Chris from around the world since his stroke. We’d like to express our thanks to everyone who has helped or wished us well in the last few days.

“Like many other families who are currently experiencing a similar change to their lives we are learning a great deal about strokes and their long-term effects. We have learned that it is too early to predict the ramifications of a stroke with any degree of accuracy. However, positive anecdotes have been flooding in which fill us all with hope.

“Chris is not in pain and is responsive to family and friends who are very optimistic and focused on Chris’s well being. He enjoyed his vegetable frittata this morning but I suffered the classic Knox withering look when I mentioned beer.

“As the situation becomes clearer to us we will happily inform those who wish to know.

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