We told you that Robin Thicke’s awkward opus to his ex-wife Paula sold only 530 units in the U.K. Well, sales in Australia are even worse. The “Blurred Lines” singer moved under one hundred units. Via Consequence of Sound:

As News.com.au reports, Thicke’s Paula sold no more than 54 copies in Australia during its first week of release. The exact total is unknown, but the album failed to place in the country’s ARIA Top 500 album charts. A Blondie compilation occupies the 500th spot after selling 54 copies, meaning Thicke sold anywhere between 0 to 53 copies.

However, comparatively, Thicke is killing it in Canada:

The news isn’t much better in Canada, where Paula sold only 550, reports Exclaim.

If Thicke really wanted to get his wife back, he probably should’ve released, like, not such an embarrassing album.

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