R. Kelly is a strange superstar. It doesn’t matter how many girls he pees on, he keeps topping charts and making girls wet their panties. Speaking of panties, his new record is coming out Nov. 11, and it’s called Black Panties. He teases the record in a video from Diddy’s new Revolte YouTube channel, and gives possibly the most awkward speech of all time. In the studio, he stops the music and says:

“That’s the nature of the gift. Some people are talented, and some people are gifted. I would like to be known as one of the people that are gifted, meaning because the fact I took my story, y;know what I’ve been through and I chanelled. You cantake tragedy and turn it into triumph, that’s when you’ve reached the zenith of a true champion. Don’t mean to be too deep, but this shit is real talk. I have taken tragedy and somehow turned it into triumph.”

Of course, the tragedy we have to assume he’s alluding to is all those charges of sex with a minor and, y’know, that video of his peeing on a young girl. But whatever, that’s what it is to be a champion.

“I didn’t run under a rock, I didn’t go over here, I didn’t go over there, I stayed focused, and I’m more focused than ever.”

He then compares himself to a football player and is all “my story is all of this: sex, money, broke, women, clubs, being in church.” Sounds like a sick story, bro, tell it again.

“This gift I have is a beautiful disease, and I’m glad I got it.”

Weird. Watch it for yourself, and look out for the album.

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