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False Rumors that Kanye West is Dead Have Fueled a Flurry of Darkly Precocious Tweets. ‘RIP Kanye West’ is the current Google and Twitter trending topic of the hour. Sparked by false rumors that RIP Kanye West: Black Humor Trends on Twitter…Twitter was the first to see ‘RIP Kanye West’ as a trending topic. As can be expected of most news surrounding the controversial superstar, not all tweets referring to Kanye West’s supposed death were mournful. Most ‘RIP Kanye West’ tweets seem to be twisted up in dark humor….While some tweeps seem to be morbidly cheering at the thought of Kanye West dying in a car accident, most seem to get that this is a hoax. This is where the dark humor ‘RIP Kanye West’ tweets begin to fly. Twitter user gazebow chimes in with the tweet, “BREAKING NEWS…Kanye West continues to not be dead.”

‘Kanye West RIP’ was the hottest trending topic on Twitter today. Imagine how big the story would be if it was true. But is isn’t. The Kanye West RIP Twitter topic demonstrates Twitter’s greatest flaw. It is a mouthpiece for people to say anything about anyone at anytime, regardless of fact. The Kanye West story originated in the early hours of Wednesday (US time). With no foundation it quickly became the most Twittered topic. Kanye West is definitely not dead. However, his career is on life support after his obnoxious interruption during the recent Taylor Swift moment at the VMAs.

Los Anfgeles (ECN) – The internet is currently abuzz with another celebrity death. Rumors are curculating that Kanye West died in a Los Angeles car accident. A few hours ago, the news spread like wildfire on the internet—mainly via social networking websites like twitter and facebook. Kanye West is dead, apparently by car accident. Kanye West died on the spot, or Kanye West dead on the way to the hospital said another rumor. Well, sorry to disappoint you Kanye haters but the rumor is NOT TRUE! It’s another hoax,

The Register – Kanye West Death Prank Used to Sling Scareware:
Rumours of the death of rapper Kanye West in a car crash became fodder for fake anti-malware scams on Tuesday. Users searching for more info on the fictitious fatality are liable to get redirected to sites distributing scareware, security researchers warn. The rumour itself reportedly originated on notorious image board 4chan, the seeding ground for the Anonymous campaign against Scientology. Bogus reports, claiming West met his maker in a crash involving two luxury cars in Los Angeles, subsequently appeared in email as well as appearing on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These reports didn’t themselves point to malware-infested sites but made the topic of West’s supposed demise a trending topic on Twitter and elsewhere.

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