We used to spend countless nights alone, stoned, and staring at our iTunes visualizer. This collaboration between Quayola and Abstract Birds, more than anything, makes us wish we were teenagers again. Via The Creator’s Project:

Back in 2011 artists Quayola and Abstract Birds collaborated on creating a real-time sound visualization tool using custom software. Skip forward to 2013, and a few iterations of the software later, and the artist and one of the members of Abstract Birds, Natan Sinigaglia, have used an updated version of the tool to conduct an audiovisual show, with music by Mira Calix, performing in Moscow and LA.

It’s the latest in a series of collaborations with musicians where the setup takes the form of a seated auditorium with screen-based realtime HD visuals that interpret the music. Taking inspiration from the work of Kandinsky and Klee, the aim of the project is to not only visualize music, but explore how the two can “share form and meaning.”

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