Street Boners and TV Carnage:

Crystal Castles were playing a show near Inglewood, CA when Alice got her noggin kicked in by a riot cop. The 17,000 person “Rave” was getting going when the fire martial shut it down due to “stage diving ravers from the second level” causing havoc. Really?

I just got this email from fellow Castle maker “Ethan Kath” which read: “been in the hospital all day, Alice has concussion from being kicked in the head by riot police. i have to like wake her up every 2 hours and ask her to tell me the date and her name”


Last night, the Deerhunter/Dan Deacon/No Age Round Robin “No Deachunter” tour hit Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom. According to emails from fans in attendance, the night ended in disaster. As the three acts’ collaborative sets wound down, No Age guitarist Randy Randall and Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox began a dance-off while Dan Deacon played. However, shortly after the dance-off began, Randall fell to the ground (he seems to have slipped on spilled beer) and injured himself. As the fans tell it, Randall writhed around in pain while an ambulance was called and the venue was emptied.

Randall was taken to a Milwaukee hospital. No Age’s booking agent has confirmed that Randall dislocated his shoulder.

Randy dances with Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox, falls around 2:50.


The show must go on. No Age at Lollapalooza the next day, with Randy playing seated.

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